L-carnitine: effects, dosage, interactions and side effects. 73 photos of the drug

Almost every commercial about weight loss talks about drugs containing the unique fat burner L-carnitine. It is a natural supplement for the human body that helps reduce fat deposits.

The stimulant is gaining popularity among fitness enthusiasts and people who want to lose weight.

Over the years of its existence, the effect of the drug has been proven to help not only burn fat, but also increase the effectiveness of exercise and muscle recovery. But still, many people wonder: about the safety of the composition and how to take L-carnitine without negative consequences?

Purposes of application

Among the main specific purposes of using l-carnitine are:

  • Fat burning (obesity prevention);
  • Increasing the body's immune abilities;
  • Improved brain function.

According to earlier data, it belongs to the B vitamins, and according to modern data to coenzymes (substances that trigger the work of enzymes).

Description of the substance

L-carnitine (levocarnitine) is an amino acid that is present in the human body and naturally accelerates and improves metabolism.

She takes an active part in the processes of producing energy from fats. With its deficiency, the body loses the ability to process lipids, which leads to obesity and heart problems.

L-carnitine increases endurance and reduces fatigue. It also accelerates the recovery of muscle tissue after heavy physical exertion and helps protect fibers from damage during training.

Taking the substance in the form of a dietary supplement is recommended when engaging in any kind of sports, but it is especially worth paying attention to for those involved in bodybuilding, fitness and aerobics.

There are two main areas of application:

  1. As a fat burner for those who want to lose extra pounds (but only in combination with physical activity).
  2. To increase the strength of the immune system and brain activity.

Russian biochemist Gulevich V.S. together with Krimberg R.P. first obtained this amino acid from muscle tissue and mistakenly attributed it to the group of vitamins B. However, then it became clear that the body is capable of independently producing this substance in the kidneys and liver.

In the process of further research on carnitine, it began to be classified as a substance necessary for the functioning of enzymes (coenzymes). Scientists still adhere to this opinion.

The following products contain the most of this amino acid (per 100 g):

  • beef (95 mg);
  • beef steak (94.5 mg)
  • pork (27.7 mg);
  • bacon (23.3 mg);
  • duck (18.4 mg);
  • salmon (10 mg);
  • milk (3.3 mg).

L-carnitine is a natural substance similar in type to B vitamins (that’s why it is often mistakenly called vitamin B or B11). Carnitine is synthesized within the body, and is based in the liver, muscle tissue and concentrated in the plasma. Its main task is to speed up metabolism and burn fat.

L-carnitine forms complex chemical bonds inside mitochondria, where it transports fatty acids and subsequently destroys them, converting fat into energy. This substance is not a mandatory food additive, since it is formed in sufficient volume, but there may be exceptions.

For example, with a deficiency of L-carnitine, the body cannot cope with the breakdown of fats that we receive every day with food (meat and dairy products). As a result of imbalance, excess weight appears and the risk of heart disease increases.

By the way, l-carnitine is synthesized under the influence of enzymes, iron, vitamin C and B vitamins - B3, B6 and B9. Therefore, do not forget about regularly taking vitamin complexes - this is an excellent source of a whole “set” of useful elements that enhance or help perform important functions of internal systems.

How to replenish L-carnitine in the body

L-carnitine is produced in the kidneys, however, it can and should be obtained from food. By consuming high-quality beef, especially steaks, as well as pork, bacon, duck meat, salmon meat, and fresh milk, it is quite possible to maintain the level of L-carnitine in the body at the proper level.

Since in practice it is impossible, for various reasons, to absorb the required amount of these products every day in the presence of their other properties (not always useful), it is possible and necessary to replenish the supply with the help of food supplements with l-carnitine.

Review of reviews: does the drug help you lose weight?

Reviews from people who took L-carnitine for weight loss are very mixed. Some talk about the “magical” effect of the drug, while others treat it coldly and talk about the lack of results, explaining the popularity of elcarnitine to marketing policies in the fitness industry.

Reviews that talk about the real effectiveness of elcarnitine describe the supplement solely as an additional measure for gaining harmony. Those people who have actually lost weight say that L-carnitine is far from a “miracle remedy” and urge readers not to believe advertising in which the supplement is described as a kind of magic pill with which you can lie on the couch, eat sweets and while losing weight.

The only way to achieve results is to start spending energy, and elcarnitine should help the body draw it from stored fat reserves. The use of fiber, bran, flax seeds and chia for weight loss.

There are also negative reviews that say L-carnitine has no effect. In most cases, such reviews are based on a misunderstanding of the effect of the drug: someone claims that there is no change in weight, although the manufacturer promised. However, to change weight, it is necessary to limit calorie intake and engage in physical activity, otherwise the body simply will not need to take energy from fat stores.

Some people are dissatisfied with the taste of the syrup, so manufacturers suggest diluting elcarnitine with juice or taking it in tablets. There are also reviews that express a negative attitude towards the pricing policy of manufacturers.


L-carnitine in syrup

Weight loss

Taking l-carnitine without adequate physical activity has no positive meaning. In addition, in this case, appetite will be increased, and the person risks becoming obese instead of losing weight.

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The minimum time of physical activity should be at least half an hour. L-carnitine will help burn your own fats.

Important! While taking l-carnitine, diets aimed at weight loss should be avoided. Otherwise, the effect will be synergistic, and the body will quickly become exhausted.

Mechanism of action of levocarnitine

L-carnitine (also known as elcarnitine, levocarnitine) is a non-essential amino acid that is found in muscles and is synthesized in the liver of every person. The body needs constant synthesis of this amino acid, since it performs the function of transporting fatty acids to the mitochondria of cells, where they are transformed into energy. The more elcarnitine in the body, the faster and more efficiently the process of fat breakdown occurs by “processing” it into energy.

The body does not always take energy from accumulated fat reserves. All the calories a person receives during the day are converted into energy: some of them are spent on basic metabolism (the work of all body systems), and some are spent on daily physical activity. Accordingly, a person must receive a certain amount of calories, calculated for his weight, height and age.

If there is a calorie surplus, the body will begin to accumulate an energy source in the form of fat deposits; if a deficit occurs, it will spend the savings on daily activity.

Thus, before taking elcarnitine for weight loss, it is necessary to create a calorie deficit - only in this case will the fat burning process begin. The most effective is an integrated approach: proper nutrition with calorie restriction and regular sports exercises.

L-carnitine improves energy metabolism

Use by athletes

The results of using l-carnitine before and after exercise vary. For athletes, the use of l-carnitine helps reduce muscle tissue injury.

And due to the additional energy released from its own lipids, the body’s endurance significantly increases. The only difference is a different dosage.

Types of L-Carnitine on Sale

This very useful amino acid is sold in the form of dietary supplements in specialized stores. Photos of L-carnitine can easily be found on the Internet.

Acetyl-carnitine is more suitable for people facing maximum brain activity. Helps improve thinking processes. This species easily penetrates the brain.

L-carnitine fumarate – has a positive effect on the functioning of the cardiovascular system.

Levocarnitine tartrate - used to burn fat. It quickly breaks down in the body and produces tartaric acid and, in fact, the additive itself.

Propionyl-carnitine also improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system, however, its emphasis is shifted specifically to the vascular component.

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Pure carnitine acts in the same way as levocarnitine tartrate. Promotes burning of own fats, fighting obesity.

How it is useful and how it works

Levocarnitine stimulates natural metabolic processes in the body and, in addition to its direct purpose, has many benefits that only have a positive effect on the functioning of all organs.

For weight loss

This product is indispensable for weight loss, as it helps improve many processes in the body:

  • burns the fat layer, accelerating the process of entry into cells and further oxidation of fatty acids;
  • works as a prophylactic against the formation of new fat deposits;
  • counteracts and reduces slagging and the presence of toxins in cells, especially during drug or alcohol detoxification;
  • qualitatively lowers the level of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, thereby preventing the appearance of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels;
  • improves mood, overall body tone and well-being, removes feelings of depression;
  • develops resistance to stressful situations and helps to adapt to them;
  • the effect of use lasts for a long period.

How to take l-carnitine

We have already talked about how this amino acid enters the body through foods. With the help of dietary supplements, the principles of its intake depend on the type of dietary supplement released and on the goals. We talked about goals. By type of release, L-carnitine is divided into:

  • In the form of syrup;
  • In tablet form and capsules;
  • In powder form.

In the form of syrup

Take three times a day. One dose is 5 milliliters. Those who play sports professionally should immediately drink the daily dose and start training after half an hour.

In tablet and capsule form

Take 0.25 - 0.5 g of l-carnitine two to three times a day. For professional sports, this dose is increased three times and taken once immediately before training.

In powder form

One gram of powder is taken once a day. It is allowed to increase the dose by fifteen times when planning competitions and increased loads.

Release form - which L-carnitine to choose for weight loss?

It is most convenient to take the substance in tablets, but the liquid form has greater impact. By the way, there are 5 of them in total:

  1. In capsules.
  2. In tablets.
  3. In ampoules.
  4. Powder.
  5. Liquid (drinkable).

Concentrated carnitine (liquid) is absorbed into the blood faster and immediately “turns on” to work. Once in the stomach in a “ready” form, it does not require time to dissolve. The only negative is the possible presence of dyes and sweeteners in the composition, which in rare cases can upset the gastrointestinal tract.

There are several types of elcarnitine that you can buy at a sports store or pharmacy. They all work equally well, and their main component does not depend on the form of release. L-caritine must be as pure as possible without impurities and sugar, and the specific dosage of the substance is unchanged, regardless of the form, the purer the better.


This form is usually taken after dilution with water. There is a special measuring cap on the lid; 10 ml of liquid may contain 1000 mg of L-carnitine, carefully read the composition and take no more than 2000 mg per day.

The composition contains fructose, and this adds extra calories and yet worsens the properties and purity of the substance. If desired, the liquid form may not be stirred; this will not impair the absorption of the substance. But it’s still not worth breeding with reduxin. The substance sebutromin has a huge list of contraindications, is prescribed only for high degrees of obesity, and is taken strictly under the supervision of a doctor.

Sebutromin can increase blood pressure, cause tachycardia, and lead to dysfunction of the excretory organs. Therefore, under no circumstances combine drugs without your doctor’s knowledge, especially anorexigenic drugs. Women taking reduxin are prescribed hormonal contraceptives.

In capsules

The simplest and most common method of administration. 1 capsule usually contains 500 mg of L-carnitine, which is washed down with water. Based on the daily requirement, there will be 4 such capsules.

It is better to take half an hour before training; if there are two training sessions a day, then 1000 mg before each. On rest days, take 2 capsules on an empty stomach and 2 before bed, 2-3 hours after meals.

This form is the purest and most suitable for weight loss, as it does not contain sugar or other impurities. Capsules must not be opened and mixed with amino acids and protein; this form must remain intact.


What is L-carnitine and how to take it correctly for weight loss

It is also a fairly pure form of the substance and does not contain sugars. The inconvenience is that a portion of the powder, half a teaspoon or 5 g of a measuring spoon must be diluted in 0.5 liters of water.

This serving contains 2000 mg of the substance. It is recommended to take 1-1.5 hours before training. If necessary, divide the dose into two doses, divide the amount of powder and water in half, but prepare each time before use. Do not dilute the powder with juice; excess sugar will slow down the work of the substance.

In tablets

Pharmacy forms of release are more common; 1 tablet contains 250 mg of L-carnitine, respectively, you need 8 tablets per day to replenish the required 2000 mg.

Because of this, this form of release becomes inconvenient. Ascorbic acid, fructose, and other substances that have an antioxidant effect can be added to the tablets. Take 30-60 minutes before training, washed down with water.

In ampoules

Depending on the manufacturer, 1 ampoule of liquid L-carnitine can contain from 1500 to 3000 mg of the substance. Some manufacturers exceed the daily requirement of the substance, although under heavy loads such a dose may be appropriate, and an overdose has not been observed previously.

But still, depending on the condition of the kidneys, you need to carefully take the supplement and listen to the body.

You don’t have to dilute the ampoule with liquid, but if you wish, add 50-100 ml of water and consume 30-40 minutes before training. Dilution in juice is excluded, as it increases the concentration of sugar and inhibits the fat burning process, although many manufacturers recommend juice to enhance the taste.

Important! Read the ingredients carefully; each company's ingredients vary significantly. Some liquid forms do not contain carbohydrates and fats, while others, on the contrary, contain up to 3 g of carbohydrates.

Photo tips on how to take L-carnitine


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