What's behind Michael Jackson's 45-degree tilt?
Which staircase is more convenient? This question worries every owner of a two-story house, because you will have to use the structure
Barbell squats - equipment, technique, recommendations
August 4, 2018 Training in the gym Anastasia According to most athletes, squats and deadlifts
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Boxing training stages and technical preparation
General scheme of movements First of all, we recommend that you watch this one-minute video. Its plus
5 reasons why girls need to lift iron in the gym
The Romanian deadlift exercise has been actively used by weightlifters since the mid-twentieth century. However, in the period before
The leg press for girls is a technique for effectively performing exercises. Photo instructions from the pros!
Exercises with dumbbells - what can they really help with? With their help you can
Deca-dik is an abbreviated name for the side effects of taking nandrolone decanoate. In this article we
O-shaped legs
Memo “Varieties of steps used in folk dance classes”
To achieve ideal physical shape, you need to train a lot, and this statement also applies to your legs. Ideal,
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Research work “Why do you need to swim?”
Why you can’t swim with your head up The first and most important thing we wanted
Cycling exercises for effective weight loss and muscle strengthening
What muscles work when riding a bicycle? Cycling for weight loss helps achieve
set of exercises without weights
General developmental exercises as a means of developing physical qualities
Static exercises (isometric) are exercises in which, during execution, the muscles do not contract,
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