Exercises for the buttocks at home for girls and women: the most effective workouts for tightening and firming a beautiful butt

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The buttocks are sometimes called the lower bust - in the sense that the view from the back should be no worse than the front. Frankly, I’m lazy to go to the fitness club, where a special ABL (Abdominal Buttocks Legs) lesson is devoted to working out the lower torso. I study at home in my free time from housekeeping. Training this zone, let me tell you, is the most difficult. You need to constantly listen to your body: if you turn your leg at the wrong angle, if you reach up with your toe instead of your heel, all your efforts will go down the drain. I wrote out the training program myself, taking into account the best achievements of various techniques.

First of all, warm up (see our previous video instructions ). And only after that is the main training.

Features of home training

We actively use the gluteal muscles every day. Therefore, specially designed loads are required to increase them.

You can get impressive results by working out in the fitness room under the supervision of a professional trainer.

However, there are sets of exercises for training the buttocks at home.

The existing variety of programs of varying complexity will allow you to choose the optimal mode for yourself.

If you choose to exercise at home, then carefully monitor the intensity of your training.

There is no need to feel sorry for yourself and give yourself slack. The lesson should be carried out with maximum efficiency.

Important: Perform a set of exercises at least every other day. Or, if you need to burn excess weight, alternate with aerobic types of exercise.

Next, we’ll look at how to tighten your buttocks at home, with the help of exercises, as well as the secrets of their successful training.

Advice from professionals

  • Training should take place in a well-ventilated room, since fat burning, active heart function, and lungs need oxygen;
  • It is important to correctly assess the adequacy of the load - not to spare effort, but also not to bring yourself to overwork;
  • To a large extent, the success of training depends on a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, fats. During exercise, you should periodically drink good quality water.

Beautiful posture, muscular strong legs, easy gait, endurance - all this can be obtained at home if you take a break from the TV, computer, beer and start pumping up your muscles regularly.

Preparation for training

The program consists of simple buttock exercises at home that are suitable for both men and women.

Before you begin to perform the selected program of elements, you need to warm up. It may include: running, jumping, windmill, body rotation, body rotation, swinging the upper and lower limbs.

Warming up warms up the muscles, increasing their elasticity and preventing injuries.

Warm, prepared muscles tolerate stress more easily. Having warmed up the muscle tissue, you can move on to training your butt.

Exercises for legs and buttocks. Which ones are really the best?

There are a lot of exercises for the gluteal muscles and legs. But are they all good? And do you need everything? There are a lot of very stupid and downright useless moves. They often look impressive, but they are of almost no use. We will do real, effective exercises. The ten exercises below are truly the best of the best.

Here are the main signs of properly selected exercises for the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

The exercise for the buttocks should have a wide amplitude

Be sure to use exercises in which the muscles of the buttocks are stretched quite strongly and contracted almost completely. Squats and lunges are ideal for this.

The muscles of the legs and buttocks need to be trained from different angles

For good shape of the muscles of the legs and buttocks you need variety. There should be several exercises, not just one or two. These exercises should be loaded in different ways, in different body positions and in different planes. Your leg and butt training program should include squats, lunges, and various leg swings.

It must be possible to increase the load

And not just the number of repetitions! This is extremely important so that you are able to do each repetition with an increasing load. Ideally, this rule corresponds to exercises with dumbbells and a barbell, and on some exercise machines. Simply increasing the number of repetitions does not build muscle or improve the shape of your butt. However, high repetitions help dry out the body.

Exercises for legs and buttocks should not be isolated

Isolated exercises are exercises in which only one joint is worked. Such exercises are definitely needed. But in limited quantities. Much more important and productive are multi-joint exercises, in which, in addition to the buttocks, the hips and other muscles are worked. Therefore, try to ensure that the exercises you choose are multi-joint: squats, lunges, leg presses, etc. But there shouldn’t be too many different leg swings and knee extensions and bendings on the machines.

Exercises for legs and buttocks require an arched lower back

This is one of the most important rules that for some reason no one talks about. If you bend at the waist during squats, rest assured that you will not have any elastic and pumped up buttocks! The back should be arched in the lumbar region. This provides a wide range of movements and, accordingly, increased development of the buttock muscles. Well, and, among other things, it will strengthen the back muscles, improve posture and protect against back pain.

Flexibility is important

Training the muscles of the legs and buttocks requires increased flexibility. It is important to understand that developing flexibility will help improve muscle shape. And proper training of the legs and buttocks always improves flexibility. One helps the other!

Now let's move on directly to exercises for the gluteal muscles and legs.

Raising the heel up

Get on your knees, lean on your elbows. When exhaling, the foot stretches as high as possible, the knee remains bent - the heel stretches upward.

Make sure your back remains straight. As you inhale, the leg takes its original position. Performed alternately with each limb.

You need to do 30 repetitions.

EXERCISE ONE: “Stretching the leg back”

“My butt was so flat and flabby that I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to shape it, but I did it,” she wrote in her book Be a Loser! (Random House, NY, 1998) inventor of bodyflex Greer Childers.
Starting position: kneeling with emphasis on the elbows, on which the weight of the whole body is transferred. Perform a five-step breathing exercise: exhale - take a deep breath - short and powerful exhale - pull your stomach in - hold your breath for 8-10 seconds. After this, raise the straight leg laid back (pull the toe towards you). An important nuance: when performing the exercise, you need to squeeze your buttocks as hard as you can. As Greer writes, “Imagine all your wealth sandwiched between them.”

Hip abduction to the side

Lie on your side, support your head with your hand, straighten your lower limbs and place them on top of each other.

As you exhale, lift your leg, and while inhaling, lower it so that it does not touch the other. Perform until you feel a burning sensation in the muscles (25 times).

Having completed it with one leg, you need to turn around and perform it on the other.

This is one of the most effective exercises for the elasticity of the buttocks at home. Allows you to work on the side.

EXERCISE FIVE: “Greetings from Cindy Crawford”

Very useful - the most effective of all listed. It was invented by top model Cindy Crawford. Cindy Crawford: Shape Your Body cassette still collects dust on my shelf. Starting position: lying on your back, legs bent at the knees, arms extended along the body, palms down. Raise your pelvis and perform 40 to 50 up and down movements. The amplitude is small - the point is not to demonstrate the strength of the back, but to keep the buttocks in good shape for as long as possible. From the outside, everything looks rather indecent (ideally, this exercise, of course, would look in a key episode of some film for adults), but the effect is almost instantaneous.


Stand up straight, place your feet shoulder-width apart, and extend your arms in front of you.

As you exhale, perform a squat and assume a position in which your thighs are parallel to the floor surface. When doing a squat, keep your back straight. As you inhale, return to the original position.

Squats are the simplest exercise for pumping up the buttocks at home. To increase its effectiveness, you can use dumbbells and water bottles as weights.

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Reverse lunges

Initial position: back straight, legs together, hands on your waist.

As you exhale, lunge back with one leg slightly diagonally (like a speed skater), leaning on the front one. The second, simultaneously with the lunge, bends at an angle of ninety degrees.

As you inhale, the back leg returns to its original position. Runs twenty times.

Allows you to develop not only your butt, but also train your coordination of movements.


Stand with your knees slightly bent. Using dumbbells, bend forward as you inhale. As you exhale, rise to the first position.

When lifting, squeeze your shoulder blades together, this will relieve tension from your back muscles. Do 25 reps.

At first, you should not take heavy dumbbells; the optimal weight would be five kilograms.


Exercise boat. Start.

Exercise boat.
Finish. The boat is usually done to train the back muscles and improve posture. But it is also indispensable for the muscles of the buttocks!

Execution: lie face down on the mat, stretch your arms forward or along your body (it’s easier this way). Focus on tightening your butt muscles. Raise your arms, upper body and legs off the floor. Hold this position for a moment. Then gently lower your limbs to the floor. Perform 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions. When raising your arms and legs, inhale, when lowering, exhale. You can also try the reverse breathing order. Perhaps it will be more comfortable for you.

The boat perfectly develops the gluteal muscles, strengthens the back, and improves posture. Don’t forget to relax your back after the pump - lie on your back with your legs tucked to your stomach.

See also - boat.

Plie squats

Take a standing position with your feet a few centimeters wider than your shoulders, toes pointing outward, arms along your body.

As you exhale, you need to slowly squat down, forming a 90-degree angle with your bent knees. As you inhale, slowly rise up.

To increase efficiency, use weights in the form of a dumbbell or a water bottle if you don’t have a dumbbell. Perform 3 sets of 10 times.


Take a lying position with your legs bent. As you exhale, lift your butt off the floor for a couple of seconds. When performing, the gluteal muscles tense and contract.

To make it more difficult, you can put some kind of weight on your stomach. However, at first you should do it without weights. Repeat 10 times.

Secrets of successful training

We looked at exercises to achieve beautiful buttocks at home, which can be performed without sports equipment.

Now let’s get acquainted with simple secrets that will increase the effectiveness of your classes:

Regularity of loads. At home, with a relatively gentle work schedule, the role of regularity and consistency of training increases.

You should not exercise every day - this will complicate the restoration of muscle tissue.

The best option would be to perform a set of elements every other day. One day is the optimal period for muscle recovery after training.

Correct breathing. It must be remembered that any effort is made while exhaling. In this case, muscle relaxation occurs while inhaling. Ignoring this simple rule reduces the effectiveness of your training.

Diet. Try to avoid eating flour and sweets.

Water. Drink enough fluids.

Gradual increase in loads. Starting with basic institutions, you can gradually complicate them by adding burdens.

Performing aerobic exercise. If you have a goal to lose weight, then you shouldn’t forget about aerobic exercise.

Technique. An incorrectly performed element may be ineffective, so you should familiarize yourself with the video and photos of exercises for the buttocks, performed at home.

So, armed with desire, 30 minutes of free time and dumbbells (if possible), you can achieve a beautiful butt by creating it yourself.

And alternating the described workouts with aerobic exercise will allow you not only to pump up your butt, but also to lose extra pounds.

Remember that only at first the classes will be a burden, but gradually this daily routine will become an integral part of life, bringing pleasure.



How to remove fat from legs permanently?

If the exercises for losing weight in your legs described above did not give the desired result or the fat gradually began to return, then you should think about doing sports that will improve blood circulation in this area and prevent the formation of cellulite. It could be:

  • Swimming. Active activities in the pool will help you quickly burn off a lot of calories. But in order to make your hips and buttocks more attractive, you will need to create an individual program, so it is better to work with a specialist. In addition, such exercises will be useful for strengthening the cardiovascular system and increasing the tone of the whole body.
  • Belly dance. Many women like to practice oriental dancing, as in addition to the amazing effect they have on improving their figure, they also bring benefits in the form of increased self-esteem. Since the entire dance is built on rhythmic movements that warm up the muscles and help improve blood circulation. Such exercises quickly burn fat if you do it regularly and for at least one hour. The choice is up to everyone, whether to do it at home or in the company of like-minded people; as a rule, this does not affect the result obtained.
  • Run. Everyone knows that running is good for the body. But those who are looking for a way to lose weight in their hips and buttocks cannot do without these activities. It is not necessary to run long distances; a morning jog is enough to warm up the muscles and improve the metabolism in the body. A pleasant bonus will be improved health and improved immunity, which will increase resistance to diseases during seasonal colds.
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