Beauty of the day: American fitness model Lais Deleon

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Creating a fitness model's physique isn't just about cutting out carbs and cardio. Lais DeLeon's professional advice will help you pave the way to a lean and strong body!


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Have you ever wondered how to create the body of a fitness model? If monotonous and boring cardio sessions accompanied by restrictive diets come to mind, it's time to dispel the myths and start with a clean slate. Everything is much more interesting and dynamic!

Instead of jumping into action without a clear plan, use professional fitness model Lais DeLeon's tips on training, nutrition, and recovery. Then try her weekly workout plan to get your body in tip-top shape worthy of a magazine cover!

Start with breakfast

Many people think that the life of a fitness model involves severely restricting calories and even skipping meals, but this is far from the case! For example, Lais DeLeon never skips breakfast and considers it the key to a successful day. She is very responsible about her morning meal, which energizes her for training and the entire day ahead.

“I start the day with a glass of water and an omega-3 supplement, then fuel up with a homemade protein shake,” says Lais. “For my morning smoothie, I take cold brewed coffee, unsweetened almond milk, two scoops of protein powder, a handful of oatmeal, a tablespoon of chia seeds, a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and ice.”

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Lais never skips breakfast and considers it the key to a successful day. She eats her morning meals responsibly, which energizes her for her workouts and the rest of the day.

This may all seem like a strange combination of ingredients, but in fact, the balanced blend of caffeine, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and protein is the perfect morning fuel. Premium fuel prepares DeLeon for training and ensures she can train at top speed. “If you don't fuel up in the morning, your workout will be less than ideal,” she explains.

Gluteal bridge

Lie on your back, place your arms at your sides, and push your heels off the floor and lift your hips up. At the top of the movement, tighten the muscles in your buttocks, not your lower back (this is a common mistake that can be easily corrected with practice).

Glute Bridge - Lais DeLeon
Glute Bridge - Lais DeLeon

Hold the position for 1 minute and then move on to the final exercise of the cycle.

Eat fresh and nutritious meals

Once the morning meal is behind him, DeLeon continues to approach his diet wisely. “Even though I prepare some things ahead of time so I have something to eat on the go, I prefer to eat freshly prepared meals as often as possible,” she says. “I believe that fresh food tastes best, and if you enjoy your food, it will be easier to stick to your meal plan.”

Lais tries to eat more carbohydrates in the morning, and prefers vegetables for lunch. This gives her strength and energy at the beginning of the day when it is most needed, and allows her to burn fat during periods of less activity. When it comes to proteins and fats, Lais has no favorites. “I always try to make sure all my meals are a source of protein and usually contain some amount of healthy fat,” she says.

Instead of drastically cutting calories in an attempt to lose weight, eat like a fitness model. Make sure your meals contain 20-30 grams of complete protein from natural sources such as chicken or fish. Include slow-acting, complex carbohydrates such as brown rice and whole grains; Don't overlook the healthy fats of fish, olive oil or nutrient-rich seeds.

Beauty of the day: American fitness model Lais Deleon

At the time of the “start” of training, Lais was already working as a model. Therefore, starting to improve your body for a beauty was a strategically important maneuver.

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When the young lady is not in the gym, she cooks, edits videos for her website (about training), and conducts classes in her fitness camps - she earns money and helps other women achieve their fitness goals.


“I don't go crazy with strict dieting or doing cardio every day. I just like to lead a healthy lifestyle,” says Lais.

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A million users have subscribed to Lais on Instagram. Not just like that: she posts delicious pictures there. For example:

Happy 4th of July!! This summer heat has me super motivated to get in bikini body shape!

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