Fitness for two: AP figured out how to effectively exercise as a couple

Hello to all the guys of the vast Internet! Everyone has a quick question to ask: have you ever met a girl at the gym? If the answer is yes, then what are you doing here? Well, if it’s negative, then today I’ll try to change the situation.

I remember once during training I...oops, I almost talked about the article to myself. If my wife finds out that I’m writing on this topic, she might rashly cancel her subscription.

. And I can’t see training like my own ears without a mirror.

So I swear: never in my life have I met girls at the gym! I exercise at the gym and don’t even think about anything stupid! I know only from hearsay how to meet a girl in the gym, I can only guess theoretically, the guys told me about it, etc., etc. Well, that’s it, I hope I saved my membership


Should you meet a girl at the gym?

I think that before answering the question of how to meet a girl at the gym, you need to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the prospect of such an acquaintance.

The benefits of dating at the gym

  1. In the future, you will get a pumped-up friend, a slender girl who strives to become even slimmer and more beautiful.
  2. Girls who work out in the gym usually lead a healthy lifestyle. Now it may not matter to you whether she smokes or drinks. But if suddenly she becomes your blood donor and your wife, then your children will have healthy genes (Vasya, Petit). And besides, sports couples are cool!
  3. Meeting people at the gym is almost like meeting people on the beach. I mean that the girl here has very little chance of hiding all her figure flaws with the help of clothes. And it’s not customary to actively use cosmetics in the gym. So there are few unpleasant surprises left for later.
  4. There is no room for unnecessary pathos in the hall: money, cars, status - here everything is erased, here everyone training is equal.
  5. Many girls are not averse to meeting each other.

Disadvantages of meeting a girl at the gym

  1. The girl may not be in the mood for dating.
  2. You have a chance to run into trouble simply because of her psychological cockroaches.
  3. A girl may have a boyfriend or even a husband, but your chances of finding out about it are minimal.

Joint training is the key to strong relationships

Often in life you can meet a couple that has a strong physical discrepancy. This is reminiscent of the friendship between a wolf and a lamb. The only question in such a situation is how long the lamb has to live. Of course, a certain disharmony will be present in any case, but it is worth minimizing it as much as possible.

In addition, it is always worth remembering that feelings and physiology are significantly different. When one of the partners looks fit, and the other is obese, this can only indicate a low level of respect for your other half.

Where to start preparing for dating at the gym

It doesn’t matter if you want to lure into bed or conquer one person you like, or you get to know any beauty you like, the preparation for meeting will always be similar to each other.

You should be dressed neatly, sportily and of course comfortably.

Personally, I write this way because my wife can read it because I don’t set myself the goal of meeting a girl in the gym, I dress there haphazardly. Old worn-out shorts, some ancient T-shirt found in my father’s closet, flip-flops for bare feet. You (your wife is not reading these lines) need to look more presentable to attract her attention. There is no need to go too far and put on tight cowboy pants and the best T-shirt from your wardrobe. Your clothes must meet a number of criteria:

  • be comfortable;
  • be athletic;
  • not very worn;
  • your size.

Neatness is needed not only in clothing. Take care of your hair, allow yourself a little eau de toilette before training. Antiperspirant is a must!

Your victim, the girl you liked, needs to get used to you a little!

To do this, I advise you to flash your gaze in front of her nose, let her pay attention to you and have time to get used to your texture a little. To make the flash more convincing, you can depict some heartbreaking scene with elements of drama:

The speed of the attack depends on your suspiciousness . You can hang around with her for an hour and pick her up on the way out of the gym. Or you can figure it out for a month before you decide. However, I don’t recommend pulling the cat’s balls too tightly. What if during this time someone more determined approaches her?

Before you meet a girl, make eye contact with the girl.

Play a staring game and watch her reaction carefully. Try this trick: look at her interestedly until she notices your gaze. Girls have much better developed peripheral vision than us. The girl will certainly notice your interested glance, even from the opposite end of the hall, sooner or later.

After she mistakes you for a maniac and returns your gaze, immediately feign embarrassment and look away. Now it's your turn to use your peripheral vision. Watch her behavior to see if she is interested in your attention. If, with the help of a bunch of mirrors that every self-respecting gym is hung with, you saw her gaze turned in your direction, let your gaze meet again. Now you no longer need to hide your eyes cowardly; on the contrary, the longer your glances intersect, the greater your chances of meeting this beauty during training.

Just don’t look at her like a statue with the face of a Terminator. Allow yourself a slight smile like Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura or Bruce Willis in Die Hard. And if she reciprocated, smiled back, consider it a done deal. Well, or half the battle


Well, if for some reason all this did not happen, read the next paragraph carefully.

Reason #8. You will have common topics of conversation

Well, with whom else can you discuss your working heart rate zone, the functionality of new fitness gadgets and running speed on the treadmill? Your cat is definitely not interested in such things, but your favorite training partner will gladly support you and organize a quality dialogue.

Now there will be much more topics for communication and you won’t have to tell him about things that he absolutely doesn’t understand and doesn’t even understand the meaning of words. Expand your knowledge about sports and proper nutrition together - such development has never stopped anyone.

And even if your friends have no idea what a shaker and creatine are, you both have something to chat about. This is so cool, don’t you agree?

How to tell if a girl is ready to meet someone in the gym

Recently, when I was about to write this article, I collected some statistics from Yandex. It turns out that the search for how to meet a guy at the gym is received twice as often as how to meet a girl at the gym. It turns out that girls are more inclined to make acquaintances in the hall than we are. Moreover, a lot of girls go to the gym precisely in order to grab a worthy gentleman. And the gentlemen (I mean you and I mean you, I’m still married

) not a dream about it.

But not all girls sign up for the gym for the sake of dating. Some girls go to the gym specifically for the purpose of training, and they also have boyfriends and husbands. But you and I are still able to more or less accurately determine a girl’s tendency to meet someone in the gym.

First of all, look at her sports uniform . You can immediately see gym fans: they technically perform a whole bunch of different exercises, they are so focused on training (rarely distracted) and they have the most athletic shape in the gym. For example, in the photo below there are definitely fans:

It’s more difficult to approach female fans for at least two reasons:

  1. They have been training for a long time and they have seen and seen Casanovas like you.
  2. They are here for training, their purposes for staying differ from amorous antics.

I'm not saying that you won't be able to meet a fan. This is possible, but only using non-standard methods. More on this later. All the other girls, whom I would classify as visitors, are often more approachable people. But they may also have different goals for dating than you.

Girls from the “visitor” category are more accessible and interesting prey!

Life before the stage

Preparing for a fitness bikini requires a lot of strength, desire, will and money. So if you're thinking about going bikini, think again.

  1. First, you will have to go on a diet
    . And here you can’t have a cookie whenever you want, you can’t rush out, because time is running out. You will have to weigh all the foods, count what and how much you eat, combine foods correctly, and also be able to get enough of this amount of food, which is decreasing all the time. But the hardest part will begin a week or two before the competition, when only egg whites and draining water will be used.
  2. Secondly, there will be many and different workouts,
    including hour-long cardio on an empty stomach, in order to “dry” yourself as best as possible. You will have to train almost every day, “bombing” every muscle group.
  3. Thirdly, this “entertainment” will cost quite a substantial amount of money.
    You will need a good diet, a regular gym membership, and various body skin care procedures. In addition, take into account sports nutrition, clothing, and most importantly - swimsuit for performance, tanning, makeup, hairstyle, and so on!
  4. Fourthly, the investment of time and effort on preparation is enormous!
    You need time for the gym, time for proper rest, you need to prepare everything, put it in containers, and you also need to work (or study), meet with friends, etc.


External signs of a girl’s readiness to meet someone in the gym

First of all, I advise you to pay attention to the ring finger of her right hand . I’m not saying now that married married girls are not inclined to make acquaintances, but you can get a turn-off from them more often than from unmarried girls. A girl looking for an acquaintance, without knowing it, can give herself away with certain habits.

Unconscious signs:

  • Preening. If she often straightens her hair, straightens her clothes, admires herself in the mirror, then you have a good chance of success.
  • Stroking. Another indicator of a girl’s positive mood for dating is her stroking herself under your gaze. When a girl strokes her neck over and over again, runs her hand over her hair, chest or legs, on a subconscious level she dreams that you will do this. In addition, by touching the neck and back of the head, the girl shows off her wrists. This is a sure sign of a woman’s predisposition to male attention at the moment.

Conscious signs:

The girl may not notice the signs described above, and may not even assume that she wants to meet her at the moment. But if she attracts your attention deliberately, then you simply cannot afford to pass by.

  • She is looking for visual contact with you.
  • Does the most revealing exercises in front of you.
  • Performs normal exercises in an unusually sexy way when you look at her.
  • He does the exercises obviously incorrectly in front of your nose.

Triceps exercises

Standing with a towel

  • You take a towel, raise your arms above your head and bend your elbows to a 90-degree angle.
  • Your partner stands behind you, grabs the towel and pulls it on.
  • Overcoming your partner's resistance, you straighten your arms.

Perform three sets of 10 reps.

Push-ups with feet on shoulders

  • The partner gets down on one knee.
  • You stand behind him in a lying position and put your legs on his shoulders.
  • You do push-ups in this position.

Perform three sets of 10 reps.

Bench press

  • You lie on your back, stretch your arms up.
  • The partner stands upright, lying down with support on your hands.
  • You are doing a bench press.

Perform three sets of 10 reps.

How do you still meet a girl at the gym?

Okay, enough preparation, it’s time to move on to the practical part:

The most important thing is to decide to get acquainted and act!

If she responded with a smile to your smile, if she accomplished at least something from here, then you’ve had enough of waiting and masturbating and it’s time to get down to business. It is best to start acquaintance during the training process with some funny remark. Don’t be trite, phrases like: “does your mother need a son-in-law?” haven't worked for a long time. Be original, don't be like everyone else.

How to meet a fan at the gym

A girl who is fanatically interested in sports is less inclined to make acquaintances. But you can also find an approach to it. This is easier to do if you are the same rabid fanatic, and she noticed your biceps at the entrance.

But even if you are a dead newbie, you have every chance of making acquaintance with her if you are original. For an acquaintance to be successful, you need to be able to flatter her successes so much that it is a compliment, but not rude flattery. Look closely at her body and think about what part of it she is most proud of.

It is quite correct to begin your acquaintance by emphasizing the merits of her figure or achievements.

“If my ex-girlfriend had also done great squats, we definitely wouldn’t have broken up!”; “You do a great deadlift, just like in a bodybuilding textbook. Will you teach me?"; “Is your boyfriend okay with you spending so much time at the gym? What, you don't have a boyfriend? So this can be fixed!”; “You probably took some kind of steroids to pump up those abs? No? So the genes are good, I wish my children were like that...”; “I don’t understand why, with such a well-defined butt, you can do pull-ups?”

True, you should be more careful with the last phrase, the hour is uneven and you can get a slap on the wrist

. If a fan is much more experienced than you in bodybuilding, you can ask her to explain to you, green and inexperienced, how that machine works or how to do this exercise correctly. I think a girl who spends so much of her life near iron will be very happy to help you, stupid.

But don’t expect her to quit training and furiously rush to help you. No matter how it is. The girl came here for her own purposes, and if you distract her attention too much, there is a chance of getting banned. The best advice would be to start a light flirtation with her during training, and then catch her on the way out of the gym with an insistent offer to drink a bottle of vodka and a protein shake together. Or watch a movie about anabolic steroids at home.

How to meet a visitor

It’s easier to meet such girls, if only because most of them themselves are waiting for you (or that jock in a red T-shirt) to finally stop chewing snot and decide to meet.

If a girl you like is doing some exercise incorrectly, come and correct her.

Just don’t be a dry block, the role of a kind of witty, funny guy is better suited for dating. Please don't go overboard in your attempts to be witty. Be friendly, a little cheeky and of course cheerful. If you have established the visual contact described earlier, getting to know each other will not be difficult! When you notice visual signs of interest in your person, you can act assertively and self-confidently. “How will your boyfriend feel about us going to the movies today?”

Fitness bikini main criteria

Let's start from afar. There are four types of similar categories in women's competitive sports in which you have a chance to take part: women's bodybuilding, body fitness, fitness and bikini fitness. They differ from each other in the criteria of rigidity in matters of body structure, muscle mass, posture and other things. Thus, if everyone without exception can participate in the first three nominations, since they evaluate muscle volume, proportions, body structure (and in the fitness nomination, also acrobatic and choreographic skills), then in the bikini fitness nomination, they participate, I quote: “girls with a good physique, aesthetic body lines, who follow a diet and exercise”

That is, what you sculpted from your body yourself is not so important as its natural proportions and shapes are of great importance. Of course, diet and training matter, but, admittedly, they are by no means decisive.

After all, in fitness bikini, girls simply go on stage, turn their face, turn their back, face the judges again and simply walk away. That's the whole demonstration program.

However, there are examples in bikini fitness of girls who really achieved this title with titanic work, changing their body, losing dozens of extra pounds and completely transforming from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Below we will talk about training that will help you, if you want to try yourself in these competitions, to acquire the desired body shape and proportions.

Reason #11. You both know the ecstasy of a tasty cheat meal after a powerful workout.

We are all people, and we are characterized by simple human weaknesses. Just imagine: you’ve had a great workout, you’re pouring sweat, hunger no longer just makes itself known, but requires immediate absorption of food, and then the idea arises to eat something incredibly tasty, but not classified as “post-workout food,” for example. , ice cream. Common situation?

Ask your partner if he is thinking the same thing. It's so nice to eat what you want together after a productive workout.

Why are abs so important?

The choice of a partner is largely determined by genetics, which tells the girl whether a particular man has good health and the qualities necessary for successful mating.
Lack of belly fat seems to indicate they have high testosterone levels and a love of exercise. Sculpted abs are not just developed abdominal muscles, it is also correct posture, an indicator of a fast metabolism and the ability to choose healthy (and fresh) food for yourself. Overwork, stress, lack of sleep, poor diet - all this negatively affects the press. And on the skin.


Before you start outdoor training for girls, you should understand its benefits. These include:

  • Fresh air;
  • variety of exercises;
  • oxygen supply to cells;
  • feeling of freedom;
  • a chance to independently control your training process.

Knowing all the advantages of training (for weight loss) on the street for girls, novice athletes will be able to recharge with energy and go to each lesson with pleasure.

Reason #9. You both no longer believe that the mystery powder in the jar is not nutrition.

It used to be that you perceived a protein powder cocktail as a fairy-tale potion from a Disney cartoon. Now, if he pounds something in a cup, it doesn’t bother you at all. Moreover, you are ready to drink this something yourself and even ask for a portion to be prepared for you. Magic, isn't it?

Sports nutrition can well dilute your usual diet, you no longer consider it a waste of money, and you even yourself have noted positive changes after using sports dietary supplements and complex vitamins.

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