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CrossFit is a young trend in sports that appeared thanks to the efforts of two enthusiasts - Loren Jenai and Greg Glassman. It uses the principle of circuit training, when exercises are performed continuously, one after another in turn. Over the past decade, CrossFit has become a mass movement with its own customs and rules. What can this type of physical activity give an athlete? As it turned out, a lot.

Types of workouts

Training is divided into several types.


Training develops strength and endurance.


  • CrossFit Barbara - refers to classic training for beginners and includes: 5 circles of 20 pull-ups, 50 squats, 40 presses and 30 push-ups. It does not require any special equipment and can be performed at home.
  • Murphy's CrossFit is an endurance workout performed without breaks: run 1 mile, do 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 sit-ups, and then run 1 mile again.



  • Linda complex - training with a barbell for a while: deadlift weighing 150% of the athlete's weight, bench press of a barbell weighing 100% of the athlete's weight, clean barbell weighing 75% of the athlete's weight. 10 rounds are performed, the number in descending order is 10, 9, 8 times and so on.
  • CrossFit Fram - work only on the upper part, includes three rounds: throwing out a 43 kg barbell and doing 21 pull-ups, throwing out a barbell and doing 15 pull-ups, throwing out a barbell and doing 9 pull-ups.
  • CrossFit Minotaur – a complex with a kettlebell for a minimum time, kettlebell weight 24 and 32 kg, 10 rounds of 5 exercises to reduce the number of approaches with each circle. The first round - throws the weight up with both hands with squats 10 times, swings with the weight 10 times, lifting the weight from the floor to the chin 10 times, bent over rows - 10 times, deadlift with the weight - 10 times. The second round - the same exercises, but 9 times.
  • Bulldog complex – difficult level, weightlifting. 19 rounds are performed, repetitions are first increasing from 1 to 10, then decreasing from 9 to 1, barbell weight 100 kg: bench press and barbell deadlift.
  • Bear CrossFit is a weightlifting set of strength exercises, rest is allowed on the condition that the bar remains in the athlete’s hands all the time and does not touch the floor, 5 laps are done 7 times, with each lap adding weight to the bar: barbell on the chest, squats with the barbell on the chest , barbell push, barbell back squat, barbell overhead push.



  • Cindy's complex is a work against time, the task is to do as many approaches as possible in 20 minutes: 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 squats.
  • Grace complex - work with a barbell for a while: push push of a barbell weighing 60 kg, 30 times in a minimum time.
  • Chelsea complex - simple gymnastic exercises for time: pull-ups 5 times, push-ups 10 times, squats 15 times, do 30 rounds in 30 minutes.

Key features of CrossFit training:

  • The specificity of comprehensive CrossFit training is such that when engaging in this sport, a person masters many areas, rather than focusing on one thing.
  • There are programs designed for beginners (), ages 50+, 60+, as well as professional ones.
  • Standard training develops in a person: endurance, strength, coordination, speed, power, flexibility, reaction speed, stability. All muscle groups are worked out in one short workout.

Important! It is enough to spend 30–40 minutes on a daily workout to always be in excellent physical shape. .

Reviews from people involved


  • “The system has not been finalized and not fully studied, but has already been advertised. Personally, I came across only one smart coach; all the rest turned out to be amateurs who picked up the basics from the Internet. I advise you to apply for training to a person who has a European diploma of completion of courses. I box professionally, and with the help of CrossFit I have seriously increased my endurance. I think that you shouldn’t get too carried away with circuit training - it’s good for losing excess weight, but for striking athletes it won’t replace a full-fledged workout. The technique is not suitable for people with heart disease.”
  • “CrossFit is about testing your limits. It’s hard, difficult mentally and physically, but the result is worth all the work.”
  • “I teach general physical training classes to children. In some groups I introduced crossfit. It acts exclusively positively, and these children are head and shoulders above their peers from other groups (not in height, but in physical development). The intensity is crazy, but it only takes 15 minutes, the rest of the workout takes place as usual.”
  • “This sport is not suitable for everyone, but it pumps up all the muscles and trains endurance.”
  • “It’s hard, but CrossFit is much more effective than regular exercise and cardio.”
  • “I study using video lessons. I lost 5 kg in a month, although I didn’t go on a diet, but I refused to eat fried, sweet, fatty and smoked foods, which I’m very happy about. A month ago I couldn’t do three push-ups, but now I can do 15 push-ups without any problems. And I’m no longer standing in the plank for twenty seconds, but more than a minute. CrossFit has helped me become fitter, more resilient, and more confident. In addition, the training does not take so much time - I have time to do it in the morning, while the child is sleeping.”
  • “The essence of CrossFit is continuous exercise. Instead of resting, CrossFitters lift lighter weights and continue training. The main thing is not to stand. I do this once a week, because constant movement with weights and weights puts a heavy load on the joints and heart. I always use a heart rate monitor. At first, the heart rate went over 180 per minute, but then I got used to it and my heart strengthened. In general, now I am not out of breath and feel more resilient. But I definitely control the condition.”
  • “I don’t recommend practicing on your own, especially for those who are physically unprepared or have health problems. This way you can go too far and plant your heart.”
  • “Crossfitness is great for burning fat. In just a few workouts, your figure dries out. Those who do CrossFit can be seen immediately in the gym - they are not jocks, but toned, lean figures without an ounce of fat. But I'm talking about men. But with women everything is much more complicated, especially if they are over 25 years old. The bodies are too prominent and sinewy. The faces are somehow exhausted, with pronounced nasolabial folds. Besides, they are just maniacs - they cannot stop and work only for results. But if you do it not professionally, but for yourself, then you can sculpt an awesome figure.”
  • “The training is not boring, it’s exciting. Each time different exercises taken from different sports. If you’re tired of pumping iron, then take up CrossFit – it’s got everything!”
  • “I worked out for three months with the goal of losing weight. Unfortunately, even before that there was a knee injury, and in CrossFit there are too many jumps and lunges. I had to take the basic level for beginners. I really liked it. But I had to stop. In addition, excess weight puts additional stress on the joints, so it’s better not to start losing weight with CrossFit.”
  • “It’s very effective, there is a positive result, but you have to work hard. After classes, all my muscles ache, my clothes are wet, but my eyes are bright and my mood is simply wonderful, it seems that I can move mountains.”
  • “A week of training, and my jeans already fit differently! I will continue!”

Complexes with complex exercises

If you are familiar with gymnastics and weightlifting exercises, test your capabilities by performing the following complexes.


This complex is also known as the “three barbells of death” and includes three exercises:

  • deadlift with one and a half times your body weight (1.5 × your weight);
  • bench press with your body weight;
  • Cleaning the barbell with 0.75 of your body weight.

These exercises are performed one after another, the number of repetitions is: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. That is, first you do everything 10 times, then everything 9 times and so on until one.


If you did it in 15-17 minutes, you can congratulate yourself - you have excellent preparation. Advanced athletes can complete the routine in 12-15 minutes, elite athletes in less than 12 minutes.


There is not much variety of movements in this complex, but this does not make it any easier. You need to perform 30 barbell jerks for a while. Men do an exercise with a barbell weighing 60 kilograms, women - 42.5 kilograms.

If you can finish in 5.5 to 8 minutes, your preparation is impressive. Advanced athletes complete the complex in 2.5–5.5 minutes, elite CrossFitters can finish in less than 2 minutes.


In this complex you need to do three circles (21, 15 and 9 repetitions) of the following exercises:

  • cleansing a barbell with a weight of 60/42.5 kilograms;
  • ring push-ups.

A good result is 7–10 minutes, an excellent result is 3–7 minutes, an incredible result is less than 3 minutes.


As quickly as possible, you need to perform three circles (9, 7 and 5 repetitions) of the following exercises:

  • strict exits on the rings (if strict ones do not work out, you can use kipping);
  • jerk of a barbell weighing 60/42.5 kilograms.

It's good if you finish in 5.5-10 minutes. The average time for advanced athletes is 3.5-5.5 minutes, and the toughest CrossFitters finish Amanda in less than 3 minutes.

King Kong

You need to do three rounds of the following exercises:

  • 1 deadlift with a weight of 205/145 kilograms;
  • 2 power outlets on rings;
  • 3 cleans in a squat with a barbell of 112.5/77.5 kilograms;
  • 4 handstand push-ups.

Lest you say it's impossible, here's a video of Rich Froning, one of the coolest CrossFitters in the world, performing this routine.



Like any other system, CrossFit has its drawbacks. Although it provides strength, speed and coordination, specialist athletes will still outperform the generalist in their respective fields. Moreover, CrossFit classes alone are not suitable for preparing for serious competitions, since they are designed for a one-time result, and not for long-term development. That is, this is just an exercise, not a training technique.

Also, a passion for CrossFit can seriously harm your health if you don’t listen to your body. Experienced athletes wear a heart rate monitor during exercise for a reason so as not to miss the moment at which the heart rate exceeds its threshold. CrossFit WODs that are suitable for an avid athlete can undermine the health of a beginner, so you shouldn’t push yourself by giving 200%. From such thoughtless exploitation the heart will quickly become unusable, so you need to exercise it wisely. It’s even better to find an experienced trainer who will select the right WOD for you.

Set of exercises

Cindy Crawford has released about three videos with her weight loss lessons . And each of these lessons has its own audience. For example, the first course is called “The Secret of an Ideal Figure” . The course consists of three lessons, and the third part of this lesson lasts only 10 minutes, so it can be performed by all girls and women at work and at home. The first two lessons are more difficult and longer. As a result of this lesson, you will get tightened skin and lose excess weight . The second course of aerobics lessons from Cindy is called “How to Achieve Perfection”, the third lesson is called “A New Dimension”. The last third course is designed directly for young mothers, the lessons are simple and super effective. Cindy Crawford herself first experienced these classes on herself; the model gave birth to a child and, with the help of her own exercises, completely restored her figure and returned to her previous weight in a matter of months after giving birth. These classes are short in time and every mother who has become plump after childbirth can devote very little time to herself a day , exercising regularly and with all the impact, the weight is quickly lost. The model made the second course more detailed and completes it with the help of a personal trainer . The model performs exercises, and her personal trainer explains in detail which muscle group is working at the moment, and how to correctly perform the presented exercise. As a rule, these exercises are aimed at all parts of the body: legs, buttocks, hips, arms, shoulders, back, etc. These exercises develop flexibility, strength and endurance.

General information

Cindy Crawford USA Born: February 20, 1966 Height: 175 cm Weight: 56-59 kg

The famous (now former super) model - Cindy Crawford - has made a dizzying career in the world of high fashion . She was popular with fashion designers, and her slender figure did not leave men's hearts alone. Cindy still remains a charming standard of beauty and slimness; neither childbirth nor years could spoil her figure. Cindy is still as slim and beautiful as she was many years ago. An aerobics course developed by the model has helped many women acquire the shape they have long dreamed of . Cindy, like many super models in the 90s, tried to become famous by creating her own fitness exercises and releasing videos with lessons for.


Let's give you some tips that Cindy Crawford follows in her diet:

  • Eat only natural foods: fish, meat, fruits, vegetables, etc. Try not to consume processed and processed foods.
  • Eat more chicken. Cindy claims that it is the source of amino acids that stimulate the production of the “happiness hormone.”
  • Try not to skip main meals, as this leads to a drop in blood sugar levels. As a result, there is a strong desire to snack on something sweet or high in calories.
  • The nutritional plan includes vegetables in the diet, which should be 4 times more than foods containing protein (fish, meat, eggs, cheese) and carbohydrates (potatoes, bread, rice). You also need to eat 5 servings of vegetables or fruits in any form per day.
  • The model advises: do not restrain yourself in food if you really want to eat something. Violence will only increase desire.
  • The amount of food should be as much as your palm can fit.
  • Reduce the amount of sour cream and cheeses in your diet. It is better to replace butter with vegetable oil.
  • Try to eat less cakes and cookies, more seeds and nuts.
  • Cindy Crawford's diet plan advises more often including white wine and soy sauce in your diet, as well as garlic and ginger, which perfectly cleanse the body.
  • Following the Cindy Crawford diet, replace ice cream with pudding, fruit or dried fruit.
  • Do you want to eat something tasty? Eat, but in small quantities.

Nutrition theory:

  • Fitness and diet;
  • Fitness and nutrition;
  • Metabolism;
  • .

How to properly organize classes for this program

First, you need to make training an integral part of your life and do it regularly, at least three times a week. On the first day, one video is worked on, then, a day later, a second one, and a day later, a third one.

Two days are left for rest, and then the training is repeated. After achieving the desired result, you can maintain your shape by regularly performing the exercises from the third video.

Secondly, you need to follow the technique of doing the exercises. The load on the muscle groups being worked in this case increases due to the fact that the exercise is performed in a certain body position. Only by carefully observing how the model works and completely repeating its movements can you get the desired result. Therefore, before starting the lesson, it is better to watch the video several times.

“The secret of an ideal figure” - watch the technique of doing the exercises

Thirdly, you need to understand that the effect will be obtained only if you complete the full complex, without skipping any exercises and without trying to perform some exercises better and giving less importance to others. This workout is meant to be one, so you have to work hard for the entire forty minutes, no matter how hard it may be.

If you think that beauty is a gift from the gods, then you are mistaken. Beauty is power, and with the help of the legendary Cindy Crawford complex, you can make your body beautiful.

You can make your body beautiful with a set of exercises

To make the program effective, you must follow three principles: regularity, correct technique and full dedication!

Evaluate your progress

They say you can only manage what you can measure. It's hard to measure changes over time if the only measure is the fading memory of how you felt doing that WOD a month ago compared to your last workout.

But it's a completely different matter when you have recorded and systematized results of performing certain WODs, which you can compare at set intervals. What if you notice that your time on the Helen WOD has improved, but your time on the Diane WOD remains the same? This data will help you understand which areas you have improved in and which areas you need to work harder on - in this example, obviously, you need to work on your deadlift.

Exercises for beginners

  • Squats – works the entire lower part of the body with emphasis on the buttocks;
  • The plank is a good exercise for the spine and strengthening the arms;
  • Push-ups - upper body workout: arms, shoulders, chest;
  • Burpee is a small set of exercises aimed at burning fat, includes squats, push-ups and jumping ups;
  • Running is an effective endurance exercise;
  • Jumping rope – double jumps are used more often, they develop coordination and speed;
  • Thrusters – work with a barbell, overhead throw;
  • Overhead - squats, done while holding a barbell above your head;
  • Setup – various abdominal exercises;
  • Farmer's walk - walking with weights.

In fact, there are much more exercises included in CrossFit programs, these are just the basic ones. You can do CrossFit at home on your own, but it is better to go to a specialized gym where there is competition, in which case the motivation for training will be much greater.

Every year, World CrossFit Games (Medial) are held, and since 2013, the Games have been held in Russia at the regional level.

  1. The first stage is held online, athletes from all over the world complete the programs declared by the organizers and send videos. Based on these applications, 48 ​​participants are selected in each of 17 regions of the world.
  2. The second stage is a live competition, where all participants perform 3-6 CrossFit programs and only three athletes from each region make it to the finals.
  3. The third stage is the final, where there is only one winner, the best of the best.

Every year, CrossFit is gaining more and more popularity, hundreds of specialized gyms are opening all over the world, and new programs are constantly being developed. Thanks to the opportunity to develop in many physical directions, more and more people are choosing CrossFit.

Children's crossfit programs. CrossFit Kids is the best activity for schoolchildren!

What is CrossFit Kids? This is a specially scaled version of the load for children, built on the principles of mechanics, a sequence of intensity. CrossFit Kids helps you learn proper movement techniques from childhood and lays an excellent foundation for overall physical fitness for years to come and reduces the likelihood of musculoskeletal injuries in the future. In addition, many studies confirm that exercise is beneficial for cognitive function, which means that exercise can have a positive effect on academic performance.

The main difference between CrossFit Kids and the adult program is the fun. It is an excellent alternative to sedentary activities and brings immeasurable benefits to the child's health. Additionally, the program is scalable to suit any age or experience level.

With the advent of school in a child’s life, his lifestyle becomes almost as sedentary as that of adults. Teachers do not encourage children to be active, and they have nowhere to spend their energy; accordingly, they have difficulty waking up in the morning, do not want to eat, lose weight, acquire poor posture and a pale complexion. The physical activity of schoolchildren is extremely insignificant. Just 20 years ago, a child came home from school, threw his bag and ran outside to play, ride a bike, fight with boys, play football. What is he doing now after school? Sits either in front of the TV or in front of the computer. And as a result, children are untrained, physical activity is not enough, and instead of making them jump and run, schools, on the contrary, impose restrictions on physical education lessons.

For a child to grow up healthy, he should have 1.5 hours of physical activity a day. It's minimum. During this time, the child should jump, run, and move actively. The World Health Organization writes about this in its recommendations: “Recommended levels of physical activity for children and adolescents 5-17 years old (according to WHO, 2010): For children and young people of this age group, physical activity involves games, competitions, sports, trips, recreational activities, physical education or planned exercise within the family, school and community.

To strengthen cardiovascular and musculoskeletal health and reduce the risk of non-communicable diseases, the following physical activity practices are recommended: 1. Children and young people aged 5–17 years should engage in moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity daily, with a total of no less than 60 minutes. 2. Physical activity of more than 60 minutes per day will provide additional benefits to their health. 3. The majority of daily physical activity should be aerobic. High-intensity physical activity, including exercises to develop musculoskeletal tissues, should be performed at least three times a week.”

Why CrossFit?

Because it combines cardio exercises - running, rowing, cycling, skiing, jumping rope with gymnastics - exercises for flexibility, balance, coordination, such as jumping, somersaults, handstands, corners, planks and strength training - weight training your own body, such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups, burpees and even weights - such as throwing a ball and much, much more.

Besides, CrossFit is, first and foremost, a community. Children learn to communicate and make friends not only with their peers, but with other young athletes of different ages, which greatly contributes to the development of the child’s communication skills.

Example of a children's CrossFit workout:

Warm-up: Jogging 200 m 10 m long jumps 10 repetitions of the “climber” exercise (in the plank position, we alternately bring our knees to the chest) 10 m “Bear walk” (running on all fours) 10 repetitions of the “mountaineer” exercise 10 m walking lunges 10 repetitions exercises “mountain climber” Strength part: in pairs – 20 m “Farmer’s gait” (carrying weights) while the second participant stands in the plank. Skill: wall ball throws, box jumps, rowing, push press.

WOD (set of the day): 2 rounds: 1 minute at each station Ball throws Box jumps Rowing Shvung press

CrossFit Kids will be an excellent start in sports for your child and a solid foundation for his physical fitness.

Come to training soon! I promise you will like it ;)

How to make a training plan

  • Alternation designed for different muscle groups. Example: push-ups, setup (ab exercises), pull-ups, burpees.
  • Number of circles and repetitions. Example: you need to perform 15 squats, 10 push-ups and 5 overhead lifts.
  • Set time frames. Example: complete 5 laps in 30 minutes.

Every day the program needs to be changed in order to work different muscle groups, focus on how you feel, if yesterday you worked your legs well, then today it’s better to do it on your abs and arms. The good thing about CrossFit is that there are a huge number of options, so such workouts never get boring.

Before starting a new task, you need to study the technique of execution.

Exercise technique

  • The new exercise is first performed slowly under the supervision of a trainer or in front of a mirror, only after the movement has been mastered is it included in the program.
  • From simple to complex. Break the task into parts if it involves burpees, for example, and work through each part slowly.
  • Posture. Your back should be straight while performing the exercises.
  • Balance. It is important to learn to maintain a firm balance, especially important when performing exercises with weights (barbells, dumbbells).

The program usually includes 3-5 exercises for endurance, strength, and agility, but there are exceptions.

The most serious load is given in the Crazy Ten complex - this training is designed for professional boxers in the USA, only a trained athlete can perform it, so there is always something to strive for.

Crossfit. WATERS for beginners

There is never a dull moment in the world of CrossFit, since the variety of WODs is limited only by the imagination of the coach or athlete. Often, a beginner is offered a simplified version of one of the author’s complexes, or a sequence is created specifically for his capabilities. For experienced athletes, there are special websites that post the workout of the day. Thus, thousands of people around the globe perform the same exercises on the same day.

Many proprietary WODs have been created that are known to all CrossFit fans. Each of them has its own purpose, so you can easily choose a complex to your liking. Often the name of a popular WOD reflects its essence or bears the name of the person who created it. There are a number of popular complexes known all over the world. Let's take a better look at the most famous WODs.

Cindy Crawford The secret of a perfect figure video

And finally, the full version of the program The Secret of an Ideal Figure, containing all three parts of the program in one video.

  • The first video shows how to work the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks, the second focuses on stretching, works the oblique and rectus abdominal muscles, and helps to form a thin waist.
  • The second part of the workout contains exercises that strengthen the muscles of the legs, abdominals, or upper shoulder girdle. In each of the three parts, the emphasis is on one muscle group, and the remaining muscles are worked to a lesser extent in order to maintain their tone.
  • In the third video, all muscles are worked out in an intensive mode, the training is more concentrated.

Each complex ends with stretching exercises. These exercises help reduce the likelihood of pain after training and consolidate the results.

What's the result?

Today the world is experiencing a real boom in healthy lifestyles with all the attendants. Every day a new fitness guru appears on Instagram, offering his own training and nutrition system. Sometimes, in this stream of endless information, one involuntarily gives up, and the dream of an ideal body is postponed to another Monday. Cindy Crawford's training complex is good for its relaxed ease: with it, it is really possible to turn exercise from an everyday duty into a pleasant habit. All you have to do is press the play button.

Side effects

CrossFit has two main negative effects that have become symbols of the sport over time. The first is vomiting, which occurs in athletes due to excessive exercise. The symbol chosen for this negative effect was Pukey the Clown - a muscular man in a clown costume, furiously spewing the contents of his stomach onto the floor. In the USA, when the first vomiting occurs during training, an unlucky athlete is given a T-shirt with this charismatic character. However, there is nothing funny about this phenomenon, since it indicates excessive stress on the body, which must be avoided in every possible way during the training process.

Another CrossFit symbol is Uncle Rhabdo. This is what athletes call rhabdomyolism, a disease that occurs when muscle fibers tear and enter the bloodstream. There it damages the kidneys, causing enormous damage to human health. It is still unclear whether this disease is really so common in the CrossFit community, or whether it is a clever advertising ploy designed to emphasize the severity of training.

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