From the gym to the hospital: the five main risks to life when taking anabolic steroids

The expert explained what you will have to pay for using various “additives”

Today, sports have become fashionable again. A beautiful muscular body, a six-pack belly is the dream of most boys and girls who go to gyms. I want to show off my Apollo body as soon as possible, so many of the beginners themselves, or on the advice of a “kind” instructor, get hooked on drugs that stimulate increased muscle growth. Unfortunately, most people see them as a “magic” pill, without thinking about the further consequences for the body. There are heated debates on Internet forums about how serious the consequences will be for a person who takes special medications to quickly build muscle mass without a doctor’s prescription?

Most people tend to trust the opinions of doctors who warn of huge health risks. Recently, the head of the Chechen Republic spoke out against the use of such drugs.

“As an athlete with extensive experience, I want to talk about one more problem. This is a widespread “epidemic” of consumption by young people of various supplements to increase muscle mass. This ruins guys who could become real athletes. They cause irreparable harm to health, and sometimes become disabled. These are pressing issues that should concern the entire society!” —

he wrote in his Telegram channel.

Ramzan Kadyrov warned young people against using drugs Photo: Vladimir Velengurin/KP

Effects of steroids on the hormonal system

How do steroids affect the hormonal system? The human body is accustomed to independently producing the hormones necessary for life. When the amount of any hormone is exceeded, the body stops synthesizing it.

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