Exercises for the lazy that will allow you to lose weight and pump up your abs without particularly straining

Exercise 5. Swings with a spring

IP: lying on your side, arm bent, support on the elbow, head resting on the hand, second hand in front of the body, palm turned along the body. We swing our legs up. As you inhale, we raise your leg, as you exhale, we slowly lower it, press it to the second leg and seem to lightly press on it with slightly swaying movements, springing. The same thing in the other direction. Number of repetitions: 5-10 times in each direction.

For the lazy: how to pump up in front of the TV

Statistics say: every man after work spends at least two hours in front of the TV screen or monitor. Instead of crushing the chair with your mass, chewing popcorn, take care of your body. MPORT will tell you how to combine business with pleasure.

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Nick Grantham, an adviser to the British Olympic Association, recommends strengthening the muscles of the body. Take a lying position, leaning on your forearms. Move your body up and down, or use different combinations of movements. This activity will not interfere with watching TV, but will help you avoid extra centimeters at your waist.

Source: medicallook.com

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The British Journal of Sports Rehabilitation recommends pumping up your abs with a non-standard exercise. Lie down on the floor, hands behind your head. Raise your body with your knees, straightening your arms above your lower limbs. Grantham recommends performing at least ten repetitions per set.

Source: medicallook.com

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Imagine that you are sitting in a canoe. To sharpen the sensations and increase the effect, raise your legs. Next, perform movements with your hands, as if rowing an oar while sitting in a boat. Grantham claims that the exercise, in addition to the abs, will strengthen the bronchial and rectus muscles of the legs, as well as the lumbothoracic fascia of the back.

Source: medicallook.com

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An advisor to the Olympic Association recommends the following exercises for the back: lie on the floor and at the same time try to raise your upper and lower limbs as high as possible. The British Journal of Sports Orthopedics supports Grantham: the publication's scientists say that such an exercise uses 77% of the back muscles without harming the spine. Perform five reps each set.

Source: medicallook.com

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An exercise of all times is the standard push-up. By placing your hands at shoulder level, you can simultaneously pump up your chest muscles, triceps, shoulders and continue watching your favorite TV shows.

Source: medicallook.com

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abs muscles how to pump up in front of the TV how to pump up at home home workouts rocking machine push-ups

Do you need a diet?

A frequent question: is a diet necessary during training or can you eat any food? The answer is clear: you can’t do without a diet. Otherwise, you can pump up your abdominal muscles for years and not get the right effect.

About 90% of success depends on nutrition. Before training, you should not eat heavy food, because then you will not be able to do the exercises at full strength. After training, the body needs proteins and carbohydrates. Eat porridge as a carbohydrate food, and boiled eggs, chicken breast, and cottage cheese will fill the protein.

Don't forget that you should have several meals throughout the day (about 4-6). It is better to eat several times in small portions. This way you won’t go hungry, and your body will have enough energy for the whole day.

Water must be in the diet. It should be consumed about 1.5-2 liters (this volume does not include tea and soup).

There is no need to starve and constantly exhaust your body with strict diets. You should distribute calories correctly and consume those foods that are truly beneficial for the body. Then in some cases you will be able to afford a piece of sweets.

Exercise machine for the lazy. And the curious.

I've always been interested in this thing. Since the days of the first teleshopping on the couch. It looked really tempting: you’re sitting in front of the TV, chewing on tasty treats, and meanwhile your belly seems to be in training, working hard and slowly growing into cubes. Is it even possible? Or is this a device that is only capable of visualizing the expressive Russian “butt has happened”? Under the cut, colleagues, please under the cut. Photos from the 13+ category, oscillograms for experts - everything is there, inside. This thing is called a “muscle stimulator”. A home electric exercise machine to keep your abs in good shape. Consider the box:

A regular cardboard box, sealed with tape.

Inside the simulator itself is in a transparent blister.

The device looks like a spider. Eight legs and a white cephalothorax.

Turn over:

The paws are equipped with gel pads. They look quite loose.

Let's look at the instructions:

In the first lines, the author asks the question - what is ems? This is an Electronic Muscle Stimulator that tones and relaxes muscles through the skin. A clinically proven, effective non-medical method of muscle training for certain indications. Using this method, muscles are strengthened and toned. Also, when used correctly, the method has no side effects, so it can be used as a simple way of self-training. The method is scientifically proven and clinically proven.

The following shows the main elements of the device and explains how to install the battery. Apparently, there is a version with an extended configuration, which includes biceps pads. This is not the one I got. The contact mat is declared as a consumable item. It is suggested that it should be changed once a month, or after every thirty uses, or in the event of a break in the current-carrying paths, or in the event of impurities that cannot be removed.

Instructions for use: 1. One application per day is recommended. 2. The device will automatically turn off 5 seconds after being turned on if it is not attached to the athlete's body. 3. Place the contact gel mat on your stomach. *Wipe off sweat from body before use. *Try to touch the gel contacts as little as possible. 4. Connect the main unit and turn it on. *Press the power button, the LED indicator will flash three times. *Automatic shutdown will occur after approximately 23 minutes. 5. Setting the intensity. * There are 15 intensity levels (from 1 to 15, yeah), activation occurs at the first level. * press the + button to increase, the - button to decrease the intensity of stimulation.

6. Automatic program. * 23 minutes from start to finish, various modes are used. 1 minute - warm-up: the pace of stimulation gradually increases 10 minutes - adjust a comfortable intensity level 30 seconds - rest, gentle mode. 5 minutes - fast pace 30 seconds - rest again. 5 minutes - fast pace. 1 minute - the pace gradually slows down.

7. Turn off the device and separate it from your body. *Press the power button on the main unit, the indicator will flash three times.

8. LED indicator: Press the on/off button - the indicator flashes three times. Pressing the “+” button - the indicator flashes 1 time. Pressing the “-” button - the indicator flashes 1 time. Automatic shutdown - the indicator flashes three times.

Safety Information: Never use this stimulant to treat an undiagnosed pain symptom. Before using on a sore area of ​​the body, consult your doctor. * Never use the stimulator near the heart, mouth or areas of broken skin. *Do not use this item in high humidity areas such as the bathroom. *You may need medical supervision when using this device. *for external use only *consult your doctor if you intend to use our invention during medical treatment. * do not use while sleeping, swimming or driving. * Do not allow the device to come into contact with any metal objects, such as a belt buckle or jewelry. *do not use if you: - have any implants in your body - have a pacemaker - you have seizures - you are pregnant - you have cancer

Technical characteristics: Power: 2032 battery, 3 volts Pulse frequency: 25 Hertz ± 10% Pulse length 400 μs ± 10% (the authors clearly messed something up here) Dimensions of the main device: diameter 4 cm, height 1.1 cm. Dimensions of the gel mat : 17 (length) by 19.5 (width) cm. Contents: 1 x control unit 1 x gel mat 1 x instructions 1 x glossy sheet for gluing the contact device during storage

This is where the instructions end.

Well, now we are armed with knowledge and ready to experiment. But the simulator is not ready yet - we need to install a power supply.

Despite the warning on the website that the battery is not included, the battery is included.

I wanted to separate the electronic unit and take a closer look at it.

The block is secured with two tailor's buttons. Very dramatic. You can find the same ones in your mom's sewing junk if you need to connect something other than the included mat.

View from below. Looking ahead, I will say that not a single fragment of Velcro fell off or remained on the body.

The electronic unit does not appear sealed. But, as it later became clear, there is no great need for this, the simulator treats the person being trained delicately, and will not make you sweat.

We insert the battery here.

The time has come for amazing experiments. Peel off the shipping film...

We pull slowly so as not to tear anything off.

And we hang it on our charming and brave assistant! (Well, you shouldn’t risk your tummy yourself?!)

Let's turn on...

The sensations are unusual. As if someone were tapping something hard on the stomach. At low frequencies, the stomach resonates and pulsates quite strongly. As the frequency increases, the shocks are reduced to a gentle vibration. There is a slight tingling sensation. The intensity actually varies, the range of changes is from an almost imperceptible effect, to noticeable, and even a little unpleasant.

We tear off...

After training, you can feel the “buzz” of your muscles, just like after a real workout the next day. But not so strong. The effect wears off over time. Perhaps it was my imagination, but it seems that intestinal peristalsis is starting to work more energetically. After a 23-minute session there is no fatigue, I want more.

Intuition told the assistant that the best place to use this wonderful device was slightly lower. Well, let's launch the second experiment...

Well, about 13+, probably...

Trust me, she was shaking.

Finally, another idea arose: stick one group of stickers to one person, another group to another, very close by. And the potential difference is equalized using contact through a damp, well-conducting place (evochya). The sensations obtained in this way are unusual and quite vivid. Okay, you can figure it out yourself if you have to.

Now let’s remember that we are engineers after all, and let’s see what’s going on with volts, hertz and amperes:

Essentially, the device generates short pulses of relatively high voltage, about 20 volts at maximum power.

One of the frequency options: 7.5 Hertz.

Main training frequency: 20 Hz.

Relaxation mode: 0.5 Hz. The amplitude feels a little lower, but not 4 V, as the scope shows. It is difficult for him to catch short impulses on such a scan.

Combined mode, when different frequencies and amplitudes are switched on alternately.

What's the result:

The device is working. The body is shaking. It’s too early to talk about the effect, but according to my feelings, you won’t become a bodybuilder by lying on the couch. They write online that the device is indispensable for basic training for people recovering from injuries, paralyzed patients, etc. Perhaps suitable for serious athletes to relieve tension. For the rest - as an additional stimulant, along with exercise equipment and gymnastics.

The product was provided for writing a review by the store. The review was published in accordance with clause 18 of the Site Rules.

Magi kick back

Get on all fours so that the line of the shoulder girdle remains parallel to the line of the pelvis. Swing backwards while lifting your leg up. Alternate your legs, keep your balance and try not to strain your lower back. Perform 25 repetitions on each leg.

Anita Lutsenko: awesome exercises for legs and buttocks

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Ab crunches

A classic exercise for the abdominal muscles. Lie on your stomach, put your hands behind your head, bend your knees. Lift your shoulder girdle off the floor and stretch your chest toward your knees. Don't help yourself with your hands. Do the exercise until you feel a burning sensation in your abdominal muscles, then add 5 more crunches and rest.

Abs in a week: 5 exercises for every day and 5 nutritional rules

Lying training

You can use these exercises immediately after waking up or any time you want to pause the show, shake the crumbs off your chest and move a little. First, stretch well, and then start training. Perform all exercises 10 times.

Gluteal bridge

The exercise pumps up the buttocks. Place your arms along your body, bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Raise your pelvis and lower it back. At the top, squeeze your buttocks as hard as you can.

Leg raise

Ab exercise with emphasis on the lower part. Lie on your back, place your arms along your body, raise your legs to a right angle in the pelvis and cross your shins. Lift your pelvis off the floor, pull your knees to your chest and come back.

Spreading your legs to the sides

The exercise will load the inner thighs. Lie on your back and raise your straight legs to a right angle in your pelvis. Move them apart to an accessible amplitude and bring them back together.

Raising arms and legs while lying on your stomach

The exercise loads the muscles of the back and buttocks. Roll over onto your stomach, straighten your legs and stretch your arms forward. Take turns lifting your upper limbs, then your lower ones, and linger a little at the extreme point to better load the muscles. Raising your arms and legs is counted at one time.

Back stretch

Photo: Alexander Starostin
Roll over onto your back again and place your arms along your body. Raise your legs and move them behind your head, trying to touch your toes to the floor. You can leave your arms along your body or bend your elbows and support your lower back, as in the photo. It is important not to put your weight on your neck - you lean on your shoulders (if you have problems with the cervical spine, exclude this exercise just in case). Spend 10 seconds in the pose and lower back down.

At this point you can finish the warm-up or perform all the exercises two or three more times.

A little about anatomy

When training at home, girls often do not properly pump the entire abdominal muscle group. Sometimes they download only one, forgetting about others.

What muscles make the abs elastic?

  • Rectus abdominis muscle. This is a popular muscle among sports enthusiasts that can become the coveted six pack. It needs to be pumped very carefully and done regularly. The muscle is very important for a person, because it keeps the spine and back in good shape.
  • Lower muscles. Sometimes the concept “lower press” comes across. In order for the lower abdomen to be toned, the transverse abdominal muscle should be pumped.
  • Internal and external abdominal muscles. Also located on the side of the abdomen are the oblique muscles. They are the hardest to level up. In everyday life, they help a person twist the body and turn it in different directions.

It is impossible to pump up your abs with the same exercise. You need to pump different muscle groups, alternating exercises and loads.

Crank press KD2130 100 tons

The crank press KD2130 with a force of 100 tons is designed for working with sheet and strip metal through cold stamping. Operations carried out on the press: cutting, punching, bending, shallow drawing, etc. allow it to be used in various areas of modern production in small-scale, serial, and mass production.

The KD 2130 (K2130) press is manufactured using high-quality materials, meets modern quality standards and reduces the need to attract a large number of skilled workers.

To optimize the technological process of processing metal workpieces, a variety of press equipment is used. Additionally, the press can be equipped with various devices, tools, and mechanisms that increase its functionality, and an automatic feed of workpieces can be installed, which will significantly reduce the production cycle time and increase the productivity of an automatic or production line.

The pneumatic multi-disc friction clutch-brake is rigidly balanced. The coupling reliably fixes the slider, there is a convenient adjustment of the gaps for the working disks depending on the degree of their wear.

The advantages of the K2130 press are a simple control system, reduced noise level, protection of the slider from overload, and reliable operation. The press is equipped with a centralized lubrication system for the main friction pairs.

buy a KD2130 press from OZPM by using the feedback form or by calling the numbers listed in the contacts.

The basic package includes:

  1. Crank press assembly;
  2. Control cabinet, control pedal;
  3. Passport and instruction manual;
  4. Spare parts box.

Optional equipment:

  1. Unwinding device;
  2. Correct device;
  3. Roller or pincer feeding;
  4. Scissors for cutting waste;
  5. Pneumatic cushion.
Nominal press force, kN1000
Slider stroke, mm10…130
Table dimensions, mm850x560
Distance between the table and the slider in its lower position at maximum stroke, mm390
Distance from the axis of the slider to the frame, mm320
Diameter of hole in table, mm360
Frequency of slider strokes, per minute (continuous, single)100…45
Thickness of the die plate, mm100
Slider dimensions, mm330 x 275
Adjusting the distance between the table and the slide, mm100
Dimensions, mm1810x1860x2980
Weight, kg7800

Rebar press

Operating principle of the crimping press:

Crimping of couplings is carried out by turning on and holding the button on the handle of the crimping press at a pressure of 70 MPa, with a holding time (via relay settings) of 4 - 6 seconds. In operating condition of the crimping system, the hydraulic fluid supplied by the oil station moves the press rod, which transmits force to the upper die and sets it in motion towards the lower die. Thanks to this pressure, the coupling is deformed and fuses with the reinforcement bars. After which the hydraulic fluid pressure is automatically released and supplied to the return position. Thanks to the semi-automatic operation system built into the press, productivity has increased and there is no need for constant visual monitoring of the working pressure (Compressing force)

Presses for fittings supplied by PIONEER LLC have high technical characteristics, are used in different climatic weather conditions and have a quality certificate, as well as a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Reinforcement crimping press PPA-100 Technical characteristics

Parameter Values
Nominal force, tf 100
Nominal pressure, MPa 70
Rod stroke, mm 35
Rod profile diameter, mm 18, 20, 22, 25, 28, 32, 36, 40
Piston area, cm2 113
Working fluid At an ambient temperature of minus 20 ... plus 40 oC : VMGZ TU 38.101479, MGE-10a OST 38 01 281 At an ambient temperature below minus 20 oC: PMS-20RK TU6-0511687721-022-97 or Teboil Hydraulic Oil S or Shell Tellus Arctic 32
Working oil volume cm3 510
Ambient temperature range °C from - 30 to + 40
Station dimensions, mm (length / width / height) 216 / 197 / 577
Weight (without working fluid), kg 49

Oil station for rebar press PPA-100 Technical characteristics

Parameter name Meaning
Pump displacement, cm2/rev 0,9
Nominal pressure, MPa (kgf/cm2) 70 (700)
Pump flow at rated shaft speed of the drive motor, l/min, not less 2,0
Working fluid (RJ) All-season hydraulic oil: VMGZ TU 38.101479 86
Kinematic viscosity at 40 °C, mm2/s (cSt) 13,5 — 16,6
Tank volume, l 10
Operating temperature range of RJ during operation, °C from minus 10 to plus 60
Pump drive Three-phase asynchronous electric motor (N=2.2 kW; n=2860 rpm; U=380 V/50 Hz, IP 54
Connecting dimensions of external hydraulic outlet lines Socket K 3/8" GOST 6111 52 (2 pieces)
Station dimensions, mm, no more (length / width / height) 570 / 330 / 624
Dry weight (with full tank), kg 50 (60)

Reverse chair push-ups

Place your palms on the chair so that they face inward. Legs straight, heel resting on the floor. As you inhale, bend your arms at the elbow joint, and as you exhale, return to the starting position. Perform 20-25 repetitions, feel the triceps “burning”.

The complex is simple, but it involves the whole body in the work. You can do it every other day or every day when there is very little activity during the day.

Let us remind you that we previously told you how to pump up six-pack abs in a week: 5 exercises for every day and 5 nutritional rules.

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