Frank Zane - SportWiki encyclopedia
Frank Zane: photo, training program, height, weight, biography
Strongmen are always admired by their forms. For some, huge biceps attract attention, for others - outstanding
Kai Greene won
Kai Greene - photo, biography, training and nutrition program
“Growing a mountain of muscle is half the battle; you also need to be able to sell yourself profitably,” stated
Phil Heath in his youth
Phil Heath: nutrition principles, menu examples and favorite dishes
Biography of the titled athlete Jerod Heath was born in December 1979, in Seattle. Children's
Photo by Rich Piana
What did Rich Piana die from? All versions of the death of a freak bodybuilder
Beginning When discussing the biography of Rich Piana, one cannot help but mention his childhood, from which,
Denis Gusev before and after
Mr. Olympia participant Denis Gusev - about nutrition, bodybuilding and sports
Biography of Gusev Denis was born on August 11, 1981 in the provincial town of Tikhoretsk in southern Russia.
Tendon exercises by Alexander Zass - Iron Samson. —
Zass exercises are a set of static (isometric) and dynamic exercises developed in the early 20s
Usmanova in her youth
Russian champion in body fitness Ekaterina Usmanova: “You can sculpt any body”
Katya Usmanova: the beginning of the journey Most girls consider their figure to be far from perfect. Katya in
Ronnie Coleman is an incredible strongman. What Ronnie Coleman looks like now: photos, injuries, surgeries
Ronnie Coleman: biography. How Ronnie Coleman is blown away now: injuries, disabilities, surgeries, latest photos
Training Dumbbell overhead press For a large number of methodologists, Ronnie’s training system is
Ivan Poddubny: the path from belt wrestling to a legend of world sports
Ivan Poddubny is the invincible champion of champions. The life story of the great Russian wrestler
Sports 07:00, 08.08.2019 7 The famous hero won everything under Tsarist Russia, and he was honored
Photos depicting the entire life of Arnold Schwarzenegger
Country boy Schwarzenegger was born in the Austrian village of Tal into a poor family. "My father wanted
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